We make
it count

Built to work

Our software products are tailor-made to our clients’ needs and infused with a deep industry knowledge in the Retail domain. Be it in the sector of FMCG or fashion, we build our expertise from projects with some of the biggest brands in the world into our tools.


Tailored campaigns, all players involved

Our Integrated Campaign Planner supports the planning and execution of marketing initiatives as well as fairs and events. Several years of client projects alongside our sister company Marketing Pioneers allowed us to gather hands-on experiences and enabled us to incorporate what we learned. We discovered the processes and challenges of large organizations as they involved multiple departments and external suppliers that all need to be orchestrated and communicated with, in order to achieve a common goal: a Go-Live that is on time and a creative outcome that is nothing shy of impressive.


Powerful under the hood, nice to look at

The Sales Pioneers Market & Sales Cockpit allows a whole range of users to access strategic and actionable data in structured as well as graphical form, providing a common basis for decision-making. From board room Account Director to show room Sales Rep – our market cockpit provides all users with CRM-related data to service your customers in the best manner. In addition, it allows the review of analytical data and a drill down from region to country to store, taking into account raw sales data as well as macroeconomic factors.

Consumer Analytics

Plug in and observe

The modular nature of our PHP-based tools allows the friction-free integration of our in-store analytics package. Many different types of sensors provide insights from the showroom floor and extend the one-dimensional sales data with a visualization of shopper behavior and zoning quality. It even enables a review of the in-store situation in real time. We include mature wireless technologies, such as RFID, WIFI-tracking and Bluetooth beacons. And our platform can be easily extended in the future, should new technologies and sensors come along.